Production per cycle Every 15-20 minutes 1 kg (1,5 l.) How to improve the almost perfect Gelato Pro 1700? With Gelato Pro 1700 Up i-Green! • A more powerful refrigeration system allows preparation in an even shorter time and with outstanding results Gelato, Sorbets and Frozen Yogurt. • The lid has a feature to adjust the amount of air and change the consistency of the ice cream
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A mix of innovations make Gelato Pro 1700 UP I-Green the BEST home ice cream maker in its category, dedicated to those who only want the best, both in terms of performance, materials and design. With Gelato Pro 1700 UP I-Green make Gelato has never been so easy! Pour the ingredients, start the machine, enjoy your ice cream or store it into the machine, thanks to the exclusive storage function your ice cream will be always ready to be served, at the right temperature and consistency. Every detail shows the care for quality of this Nemox top machine: the layers of glossy paint provides a scratch resistant surface to the aluminium body , the powerful refrigeration system allows the preparation in short time of gelato, sorbet and frozen yoghurt with outstanding results, the electronic control panel, the ecological gas allows a significant energy saving. Gelato Pro 1700 UP I-Green has an electronic board that controls the ventilation and thermodynamic system. A sophisticated system allows to manage the functioning of the machine through only three buttons. Gelato Pro 1700 UP I-Green can operate in manual and automatic mode, with the ice cream storage function, in order to keep it constantly the right density and temperature. Manual mode The function of the paddle and of the compressor are independent. When the density of the preparation gets so hard, the electronic control and protection system of the machine will automatically switch off the paddle and the compressor. In manual mode it is possible to stop the paddle and let the compressor run for the additional time required. The operation time of the machine is set to 90 minutes limit after which the software will provide to switch off paddle and compressor. When operating in manual mode it is possible to switch to automatic mode by pressing the storage key at any time. Automatic mode: Press the storage key to start the automatic mode. The machine’s functions are handled by the electronic control system. The paddle and compressor are disabled. when ice cream reaches the right consistency or when reach the time limit (45 minutes), it automatically switches to storage mode. Press the storage key again to exit the automatic mode. The machine switches off. To switch from automatic to manual mode, press for three seconds the storage key. Storage System The software detects the density of the preparation. Once it reaches the limits, the software switches off the paddle and compressor operation. When the density gets softer the software provides to restart the paddle and compressor operation. This allows the preparation to be maintained always at the ideal serving consistency and temperature. The maximum storage time set by the software is 8 hours. With Gelato Pro 1700 UP I-Green you can prepare up to 1 Kg of gelato, frozen yoghurt, sorbet, or granita in 15/25 minutes.(10-20 portions) This machine is designed to meet the needs of the most sophisticated user who wants to have a powerful machine easy to use at home. The lid of this machine is equipped with a thecnopolymer disc that open or close little holes to allow and control the intake of air in the preparation. With Gelato Pro 1700 UP I-Green you can prepare ice cream, sorbets, frozen yoghurt and slush both with natural ingredients or ready mixed ice cream preparations. The compressor is fitted with a safety device to prevent any possible damage to the motor unit. You can prepare your ice cream in the stainless steel AISI 304 fixed bowl or in the AISI 304 stainless steel removable bowl, absolutely hygienic and scratch-proof. The machine is equipped with two mixing paddles made of POM, one to be used with the fixed bowl and one for the removable bowl. Use with fixed bowl Insert the mixing paddle in the fixed bowl, tighten the paddle locking knob and put in place the fixed bowl protection on the fixed bowl. The machine is ready for use. Use with removable bowl. Pour in the fixed bowl salt and water solution or food grade alcohol minimum 40% proof or higher. Insert the removable bowl into the fixed bowl. Then lift it and CHECK THAT THE EXTERNAL WALL OF THE REMOVABLE BOWL IS COMPLETELY WET. Insert the mixing paddle for removable bowl and tighten the paddle locking knob. The machine is ready for use. The machine has a recommended capacity of 1Kg. of mixture. If larger quantities are poured in, the ice cream may increase in volume during the processing and could overflow. Furthermore, the final texture may be not as good. DO NOT FILL THE BOWL MORE THAN HALF FULL. This will allow the volume to increase during churning to maximum bowl capacity. The body, made of aluminum, was designed by one of the best known designers in the household items sector. Bowl, paddle and accessories such as lid, spatula, dispenser are dishwasher safe.


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