Production per cycle Every 20-25 minutes 0,80 kg (1,2 l.) VERY SIMPLE TO USE. NO PRE-FREEZING NECESSARY. Makes perfect homemade ice creams, sorbets and frozen yoghurts in just 20-25 minutes. Fixed and removable bowl for larger quantities / different flavours. No obstructions in the centre of the bowl, ice cream can be removed easily and bowls are easy to clean. Powerful electric induction motor.
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Gelato Chef 2200 i-Green The traditional and original NEMOX gelato machine, now in its ecological “GREEN” version. Nemox named this machine Gelato “Chef” to remind the idea that every family could have its own professional master gelato maker who, in few minutes, prepares a perfect and creamy gelato. Preparation can be obtained in the fixed stainless steel bowl or in the removable bowl for greater flexibility and easy storing. Gelato for 8/10 people (800 g.) in only 20-25 minutes. No obstructions in the centre of the bowl, Gelato can be removed easily and bowls are easy to clean. Gelato Chef 2200 i-Green is equipped with a Nemox patented counter revolving mixing paddle, that can self-adapt to the fixed and to the removable bowl and allow a uniform distribution of the temperature of the ice cream. The temperature on the walls and on the centre of the bowl is the same and increase the quality of the preparation. The paddle reverses the direction of rotation when the ice cream is ready. The compressor is fitted with a safety device to prevent any possible damage to the motor unit. Operation with fixed bowl: Fit the mixing paddle to the motor by inserting it into the special slot in the assembled motor-cover unit. Fit the unit with the fixed bowl. Before introducing the mixture into the bowl, it is advisable do the pre-cool for 5 minutes When ice cream has reached a good consistency, the paddle will change direction. Turn off the switch for the paddle motor and remove the motor unit by turning it in an anti-clockwise direction. To remove the ice cream use the spatula provided. Operation with removable bowl: Pour brandy or other liquor into the fixed bowl, Alternatively, you can use a mixture of salt and water. The wall of the removable bowl must be completely wet. Put the removable bowl securely and be sure there is a good contact between the fixed and the removable bowl. Follow the same procedure for the fixed bowl. When the ice cream is ready, remove the removable bowl by pulling it towards the top using the special metal handle. You can keep the ice cream in the machine for approximately 10-20 minutes. Before serving, you can start the motor for a few minutes to regain the right consistency and smoothness. The machine has a recommended capacity of 800g. of mixture. If larger quantities are poured in, the ice cream may increase in volume during the processing and could overflow. Furthermore, the final texture may be not as good. DO NOT FILL THE BOWL MORE THAN HALF FULL. This will allow the volume to increase during churning to maximum bowl capacity. A few simple steps to get an excellent homemade ice cream!

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