Gelato 4K touch i-Green

Gelato 4K touch i-Green




Produce 0,85 kg (1.2 l.) in 12-15 min – 3,4 kg – 4,8 l.  Hour The touch of just one switch, will start a fully automatic production and storage process. A “clever” control board automatically detects the consistency of the ingredients being processed. Doesn’t matter if you process gelato or sorbet or ice cream or frozen yoghurt or granita (slush).
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Gelato 3K TOUCH i-Green is the most compact and fully automatic ice cream maker. Developed for restaurants and businesses of small and medium size, which need professional results. Gelato 3K TOUCH i-Green is equipped with an electronic board that operates a multi-process control and when the preparation is ready it automatically starts a unique STORAGE cycle as long as needed. With Gelato 3K touch i-green it is possible to produce about 800 g of ice cream every 12/15 min for an hourly production of approximately 3Kg. The machine is designed to work continuously and allows to prepare different flavors in a very short time. The body is totally made in stainless steel, as well as the removable bowl and the mixing paddle, equipped with interchangeable inserts. Air cooling. Removable power cord. HOW DOES IT WORK The operator will just have to pour the mixture into the bowl. The touch of just one switch, will start a fully automatic production and storage process. The progress of the preparation is indicated by the gradual lighting of the LED on the TIME LINE bar. When the ice cream has reached the maximum consistency detected by the software, the machine switches to storage mode. The software also features a Pause function. This can be activated during ice cream preparation or storage phase. The Pause function is signaled by a beep every 10 seconds. The green “heart”, highlighted by the design, allows the machines to operate in an ecological, more efficient way, saving electricity while respecting the environment. Customers will be happy to enjoy a fantastic artisanal and eco-friendlyproduct! Accessories included: n. 1 stainless steel removable bowl 1,7 l. n. 1 spatula n. 1 measure cup n.1 Removable inserts set for fixed and removable bowl

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